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I recently bought a house in Minneapolis, MN. Shortly after moving in, I noticed sand coming through a crack in my basement. This did not show up during the inspection. I was advised to build up the slope so water is not seeping down, which I can easily do, however I'm concerned it is a bigger problem. So far no water, just sand. If I try to vacuum it up more keeps pouring through the crack. So I can't even seal it from the inside. I'm attaching a photo. Any advice you are able provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hi Lisa, that is strange.  Are you sure it's sand and not vermiculite?  Sometimes masonry walls are filled with vermiculite for insulation purposes and will spill through any size opening.  However it could be sand, I'm not ruling that out but it is highly unusual for sand to act like that without some help, such as animals or insects pushing it around.   One potential fix would be to inject epoxy into the crack.  At you local hardware or big box store Home Depot or Lowes you can get epoxy  cartridges  that fit into a caulking gun.  They have a mixing tube that mixes the epoxy as it comes out of the cartridge.  Get the gun ready and having your vacuum at the ready vacuum the crack out and immediately inject the epoxy into the crack as deeply as possible.  Keep injecting until the crack is filled.  Then with a putty knife keep smoothing the epoxy as it oozes out of the crack and forcing it back into the crack until it sets up .  Don't worry if sand gets mixed with the epoxy it will become aggregate in the mixture.   Another option is expanding foam.  This comes in a can and has a narrow tube that can be inserted deeply into the crack.  Again, vacuum the crack and then begin injecting the foam.  The foam will expand and swell up and bulge out of the crack.  Let it.  Don't touch it until it cures.  Once it hardens you can scrape or cut the excess back flush to the wall, patch over it with spackle and paint.  Let me know if this helps! Sincerely, Bruce E Johnson.

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