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cracks in subfloor
cracks in subfloor  

cracks in subfloor 2
cracks in subfloor 2  
Hi Russell,

I have been fighting with my HOA for a year to get approval to install laminate flooring in my upstairs unit condo (in Chula Vista, CA).  I finally got approval and when the installers from Home Depot came out today they said they couldn't do the install because of the cracks in the subfloor. The cracks mostly looked superficial to me.  There was one spot that flexed with movement (when they stood on it and bounced). They were concerned they would have to come back out if the subfloor recracked (after prepping it), saying it might cause the laminate to become uneven in that spot and they would have to come back out on their dollar to fix the problem.  I was upset because they called their supervisor who said to go ahead and treat with primer and intsall, but one of the guys called another supervisor who said don't install, so they didn't.  Anyway, I know it's hard to tell from the pictures, but can you look at them and give me your input?  What are the possible scenarios and fixes I'm looking at? (The HOA docs say the HOA is responsible for the structure, if it's a structural problem, but I just got through fighting with them for a year to get this far... not looking for more fighting and continuing scrutiny on my install.) (I have two additional images.  If it would help to see them, please let me kmow.

Thanks Russell.

It is hard to see what material the sub floor is made of. I can give you a better answer once I know. I don't understand  why these installers won't do the job.  The benefit of installing a floating laminate floor is to cover over imperfect floors or worn out tile without ripping out the old floor or subfloors.  Plus there are all kind of products to level uneven floors...fill in the cracks in subfloors and even fix sagging or soft spots in floors.  

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