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QUESTION: Dan, my property is 30 miles North of Rock River off Marshall Rd, almost center between Laramie & Casper...I live in Brighton now. The "cabin" is going to be a primary residence (In reality, I'm doing the tiny house thing with 2 tuff sheds butted together). My next question: #2. For the electrical wire, what
type of wiring should I use? I want solar energy, and want to install it myself, #3. what components do I need to have for a solar system for a tiny house & how do I hook it up?

ANSWER: Robert, I taught high school at Brighton many moons ago.

I am not the best to answer your solar questions, but I did a google search and found many good articles, including "What you need to go off the grid - for Dummies".  I find the for dummies books worthwhile:

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QUESTION: Dan, do you know about the type of wiring that I would run inside the house?  I will have a wood burning stove for heat, and I don't want to run it out the roof, #4. is it ok to run it out the side of the wall? #5. Should I put the drywall up first and then cut the whole or cut the whole first and then install the drywall? That's funny, I live 3 blocks from Brighton HS, on S. 6th Ave...

Certainly you can run it out the side wall.  The important thing is to maintain all the minimum clearances from any and all combustible surfaces.  One draw back to wood fires is being able to clean the chimney.  I would certainly use a drop T on the outside so that you can clear the stack.  Here is an example of a drop T:

Even triple wall venting needs clearance from combustibles.  Another problem is the height.  By running out the sidewall you increase the height requirement as the top of the chimney needs to be 10' above the nearest roof surface minimum, ideally higher than the ridge of the roof.  I assume you intend a fairly steep pitch roof to reduce snow weight loads.

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