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Hi, I have a 16' x 24' garage with hip roof. poured a pad to expand the garage to 22' wide x 24' deep. has a hip roof and I am looking for the best option to extend the roof. If not for the fact that the roof is good and shingles new I would tear and replace new trusses. current height of roof only 10', can go as high as 13' by city code. Suggestions please!! Thanks, John Koktowski

Hi John, if you have a truss system now you probably have a girder/carrier truss about seven feet back from the end wall you want to remove.  The easiest way to do it is to tear that hip back to the Girder truss and then from there add two new common trusses and then a new hip girder/carrier truss and reframe the new hip in the new location.  Since you are only extending the roof 6' and using two foot spacing from the existing hip girder that's how I came up with the two common trusses.  If your existing hip girder has a flat top you would still use common trusses built to the same peak height and pitch as the existing roof and then you would need to hand frame between the new common trusses and the  little bit of hip left after the tear off. All of this is based on the assumption that you are framing in a new end wall and two six foot side wall extensions. I suppose you could install a beam under the existing hip jacks on that end of the building and try to hand frame that six foot area to the existing hip roof but as far as I'm concerned that would be more trouble than it's worth. I hope this info helps feel free to write again regarding this or other matters.  Sincerely Bruce E

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