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Hello. I would like to enclose a porch that already has a roof for the purpose of exiting my garage and not being exposed to the harsh winter winds at my back door. (I live in MI not far from the Lake). I have gone to two places and both places have shown me expensive sliding glass doors. I saw a condominium not long ago that had a vinyl enclosed porch and figure that would be less expensive. I was wondering if you might be able to recommend a specific brand/model? I live near a Lowes, Standard Lumber, and a Home Depot. There's also a Menards about an hour away and I have a Sam's Club membership. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will still have to find myself a contractor but since people keep trying to sell me something I don't want I figure this is the first step! Thank you for your time. Cathy

Hi Cathy, vinyl enclosures are generally made by Screen Enclosure companies.  The construction is the same as screen framing the only difference is that vinyl is used instead of screen.  So if you have a local screen company/companies talk to them.  There might be a small, individually owned screen shop that can give you a better price.  My last house had a vinyl enclosed porch with sliding vinyl,doors and there was no difference between my screen enclosure construction and the vinyl .  So I would look there first.  However Lowes and Home Depot also offer contractors that do this type of work.  As anything it never hurts to get estimates..the more the merrier. Since I'm not familiar with your particular area/location I can't recommend particular contractors but always check references of any contractor you may decide to use.  Sincerely Bruce

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