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Bulbs/planting daffodils zone 9 N.Calif.


Hi, I have had problems planting in jan or feb. only green leaves no bloom. Now I would like to have the right time to plant. just received another 200 bulbs and we have already had 3 nights of frost! wait for a warm day. or put them in as quickly as possible....also would like them to bloom as late as possible I have a wedding first of june...thankyou. donna
plant 8 inches? or less deep. bone meal very important when planting?

Hi Donna

Daffodils and Narcissi are best planted from August to November and planted at 2 to 3 times their own depth. If they are not planted at the right depth, they will not flower very well;if at all.

Another reason why they will be reluctant to flower is that, as with all bulbs, the foliage has not been left to die down the previous season. The foliage feeds the bulbs for the following year and should be left to wither and turn brown naturally.

There is another reason for them not flowering, this is the use of daughter bulbs. These daughter bulbs are the bulbs that come from the side of the main bulbs. These daughter bulbs can take 2 to 4 seasons to flower but this depends on the size of the daughter bulbs. The larger they are, the sooner they will flower.

Regarding frost, the bulbs need frost to take root. Do not leave it much longer for planting as the soil is getting to cold and wet. Plant them as soon as possible, leave it when the soil is fairly warm but not frosty and cold.

Before planting, add compost to the soil and dig it into the planting site. After planting, give them a little water but not too much.

If you want Daffodils to flower late, you can buy varieties that flower in May, such as Narcissus Poeticus hybrids; the Pheasants Eye. This type has white flowers with a yellowy-orange cup with a red rim. We have some just down our street under Blossom trees and they bloom every year and look fantastic.

You can have Daffodils and Narcissi in flower from January's end to May with careful choosing.

I hope this this helps.

Kind regards



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