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I have 5 packages of assorted day lilies, they have been tucked away, forgotten, in the garage for about 2 years while my husband was ill. I just rediscovered them and wondered if I should try planting them or just discard them? They are still in the package with the sawdust mulch and have been kept dry and haven't ever gotten below 60.

Hi Rita

Thanks for asking.

If the tuberous roots are still firm and not soft they can be tried. If they have any green shoots, this also means they are alive and can be planted if the shoots are not too long and pale because if they are long and pale they have weakened themselves.

If they are dried up and shriveled, throw them away as they are too weak to put any growth on and take up water.

If you do want to try them, soak them in water for 24 hours then plant them in spring in moist soil.

See how it goes and if they fail, dig them up and throw them away.

With all bulbs, they are purchased in the planting and they only store for about a month at the most and if not planted, they decline in health and not worth keeping once they are rotten or shriveled with thick long shoots.

I am telling you this as I myself planted some Gladioli that I purchased in the spring of last year and they shriveled and produced thick shoots but I planted them and they grew but winter came and killed the whole lot. I planted them in October and the planting time is March to May. I am not sure if any have survived but hopefully, some have. I need to wait until spring when and if they reshoot. The corms were severely shriveled and tired and I can not see them coming back this year.

So, I have experience with old bulbs and I think your Hemerocallis tubers should be discarded but as I said above, you can still try them as I did with my Glads.

See how it goes on whatever you decide and good luck.



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