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I live in Midland Ontario and have enjoyed the beauty of my Amaryllis bulb.  The flowers faded over two months ago and were snipped off.  The green leaves are healthy and continue to grow.  Do I continue to feed and water and when can I expect the leaves to turn yellow so that the bulb be prepared for another growing season



Hippeastrums are beautiful plants that are often thrown into the bin after flowering but they can be kept going for several years.

Your Hippeastrum is at the stage where it is growing the leaves and ripening its bulb for next seasons flowers. What you need to do is this; Keep up with watering every few days and keep it in direct sun as this feeds the leaves which feeds the bulb. If your Hippeastrum has at least four leaves it will flower next year; any less, it may not flower.

As the leaves yellow in the autumn, reduce watering until the leaves are brown and then keep the plant almost dry until you see the new scapes arising from the top of the bulb at the edge.

Once the scape appears, resume watering and provide warmth but as flowering commences, keep in a cooler position as this lets the flowers last longer.

If you keep this up every year, you will be rewarded with large flowers each and every year.

RE-pot every 3 years in spring and used a soiless compost.

Good luck.


P.S I have grown a double flowered white Hippeastrum from last year and it flowered then and this year it is flowering with not one but two scapes; the first has now died off but the second is still in glory.

I have attached two pictures mine.

Hope this helps.



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