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You can grow any plants as long as you use grow lights that can help your plants to survive even without sunlight. Visit http://growblu.com/ for more info.


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Kenneth Joergensen


Can answer questions about spring and summer bulbs: selection, soil preparation, planting, fertilizing, designing with bulbs. I can also give references where to buy the bulbs and how to store them. Besides the typical bulbs (tulips, daffodils, amaryllis, lilies etc) I can also answer questions about other geophytes, such as tuberous begonia, dahlias, etc. When to start indoors, light requirement, etc. My experience is in cool season areas, but I can answer questions about warm season areas if given time to research matter.


Have worked with various bulbs (spring and summer bulbs). I am presently an allexpert advicer on the lawn message board also.

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