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Bulbs/tulip bulbs in san diego ??


Marsha wrote at 2014-01-28 04:47:17
I too am looking for info on bulb care after the bloom has faded.  I love San Diego and all of the new plants, but being form the east (Ohio) you just cannot get those early signs of spring out of your system.  I have potted tulips and Daffodils on my veranda and it just makes me feel great.  I know they will not last long, but I add it to my rituals I call "Therapys".  There is something special about the start of a new season and the crocus, dafs, tulips and blue hyacyns just do it for me.  Good luck with your info search.  I am actually looking for a club or organization on BULB growing in San Diego....If I find one I will return and share the info.  Enjoy your spring...2014 in going to be good!


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Growing Tulips? Dahlias? Daffodils? Gladiolus? It doesn't get easier than bulbs and tubers. Once in a while, something goes wrong: The dreaded Narcissus Bulb Fly, which resembles a honeybee. Mosaic virus, which can ignite a field of tulips in a single season. Nematodes, lurking underground. Here on the North Shore of Long Island, the garden is full of surprises. If you live in the Northeast/Atlantic Coast, I can help you pick the right bulb for every season, indoors and out, and help you fertilize, bloom and harvest for home or work. How: I have degrees in related fields, but my best understanding is all learned from trial and error. For most of my 53 years I have been gardening somewhere. No matter what the problem, I've learned the best answers are always Organic -- Earth friendly, less expensive, healthier for people and pets, easier and cleaner than toxic liquids and powders that big chemical companies sell so smoothly.


Besides degrees in related fields, and a few favorite horticultural societies, I work as a docent at our local botanical gardens -- but it's the years of work in the garden that's the real test.

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