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Bulimia/Eating Disorders/Concern a student may have an Eating Disorder.


I have not confronted the student about my concern as from now. What I have observed since September is that the student is skipping lunch. She went from an A-B student to a C-D student from when I had her last year. Although the student has not lost weight that I have noticed they still engage in eating disorder behavior. The student is always shivering,seems tired,speed walks around the school at lunch,and has seemed rather irritable. I was just wondering if I should report this or not.

Yes! i believe this young person needs your help. Sound like she may be suffering from anorexia/ or bulimia. Bulimics are very secretive. We will tend to eat like anorexics in front of others and binge in secret. The shivering is a sign of metabolic disturbances, the tiredness is also a troubling symptom. Is she being anti social as well? These signs can also be severe depression. Some anorexics will wear solidarity  bracelets as well in red, orange, or purple. Some will also adopt dragonfly motifs. Gum chewing and sugar free lollipops alone with frequent brushing of teeth are used to keep the mouth occupied when hunger strikes. Many girls will also write notes to "ana" or "mia" or journal entries. Look for pictures of very thin models or actresses, these are "thinspiration". Watch for frequent bathroom use. listen for "double flushing" the toilet. Another thing to watch for is signs of self injury (long sleeves to hide marks) does she still participate in sports? does she dress down and up with other girls- or does she use a stall?
Has she adopted baggy and/ or dark clothes? look for Dulling hair, dull eyes and try to notice red eyes, or swelling along the jaw line. How does her skin look? are there signs of sallowness, or yellowness?
 These are just a few things to try to notice. subtle signs. But I believe with all me heart this girl needs s caring adult to step forward. She may be simply trying to lose weight, and not know enough to do it in a healthy way. Whatever the reason I believe she needs you.
 Be well, keep me posted

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