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Hi Marie, I've been reading your answers for years and now need some advice for my one year old english bulldog.  I first noticed small amounts of blood in his fur when I'd brush him then looked closer and there are smallish crusty topped spots on his back, legs and patches of them on his stomach.  The ones on his stomach look like poison ivy.  He isn't scratching at them and otherwise seems to be fine.  He eats wellness core dogfood only and takes one nuvet tablet a day.  He weighs about 80 pounds.

Follow up with Louann: **********

Hi - Marie here again - Please let me know if my suggestions help your baby?
Also, don't forget to increase the NuVET wafers to 2 per day...
Let me know if the shampoo helps?
Marie Peppers LPN MA

Hi Louann, Well, I am glad he is on Wellness Core and the NuVET wafers -
I would try a few things on this boy ---
If I can't help, please call the vet for a skin scrap and test.
1.  Increase his NuVET to 2 per day - Spring and Summer can be hard on the skin and coat... and he is 80 pounds, so 2 wafers of the NuVET will help a bunch! NuVET heals..

2. Give this baby 200 IU of Vitamin E per day for at least 1 month...
Sure helps to reduce inflammation .... and heals the skin.  Then, after 30 days you can do 1 Vitamin E  (every -other -day)...

3. I would get a nice Oatmeal bath / natural and Holistic - from the local pet store - give him 1 bath every other day for 1 week...Then, after that - just 2 baths per month.  
Oatmeal will not strip his skin of the natural oils...
MAKE sure you buy a good brand..
** NuVET even has a nice Oatmeal shampoo..
If you need more NuVET call  1-800-474-7044  ( use discount code 81098) and ask for the 15% on auto ship

And LAST - About fleas:   FLEAS... Tics

4.  If you live in a flea area - Use some D.E. - very safe - LOTS of Info here:  HOPE I don't over-load you:

Re: Alternatives to "Flea / Tick Spot" treatment /
The Frontline can be toxic to people and pets... Any of the spot treatments..

1.DE is one help if you have a YARD - also, I sprinkle it onto my dogs and cats
- It is safe and natural if it is the DE - here is what I order so you know what
I am talking about...
Human Grade DE ( can be found at many FEED and FARM stores or on-line)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
A low cost, non-toxic, safe mineral made of crushed fossils. Pure Diatomaceous
Earth can be used during the parasite season both internally and externally to
improve health, appearance, and well-being of animals. Diatomaceous Earth is a
product that can be used as a nutritional supplement for a wide variety of
conditions. Contains the highest concentration of pure, raw Diatomaceous Earth

Pure garlic powder / the kind for cooking / Very safe for any healthy dog... or
cat/ But USE in VERY small amounts. I would do 1/8 of a teaspoon for a small
dog and 1/4 of a teaspoon for a med dog.
Large dogs can have 1/2 a teaspoon...
AGAIN - If you dog is healthy - small amounts of garlic each day is safe.
If you are on NuVET wafers / NuVET has a small amount of Garlic already in
them... But a sprinkle into the dog food of the Powder garlic would be fine. (
pure garlic powder / NOT the Garlic Salt...)
( Cats - caution / cats must use very small controlled amounts or they can have troubles with anemia... Healthy cats can have very small dashes of garlic....)

NuVET Plus - Fleas sure do hate the TASTE of a healthy pet's blood.
Many times they JUMP right off of a dog taking NuVET Plus -
Here is the NuVET system -
MOST dogs need 1 wafer treat per day - NuVET is also an Immune System booster
and Allergy Blaster/ Skin & coat healer, too.
Tell them Marie sent you and ASK for the 15% off discount.
Give order code 81098 Call 1-800-474-7044
**39.00 gives you a 60 count bottle of wafers
( ask for the 15% off)

In the Files Section - of this group - we have some Spray Recipes you can try -
Search the internet because you can do many combos with Essential oils / BE
CAREFUL on CATS>>>>>>>*****
Dogs do very well with just about any ESSENTIAL oil...
SEE My recipes on natural sprays and powders...
AGAIN , there are many mixes you can do...JUST do a little research on Essential
oils and fleas.

OK< HOPE this has helped
WE are not talking Heart WORM ----WE are ONLY Talking about flea and tick
info...DON'T mix them up..

For heartworm I use : Vetrimec ( Ivermectin ) - I buy the "cattle one" and give
the dog dosage. ONLY do this is you have someone who can coach you on this....
YOU would not want to overdose your baby...

Need help - contact marie / list owner
Marie Peppers LPN MA


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