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We rescued a 5/6 yr old bully yesterday, Rufus :) I know about the breathing problems that come along with having a bully buy Rufus constantly snorts REALLY loud.  He sounds like a pig! He never closes his mouth to breathe and sometimes it sounds like he is gagging. I didn't know if this is normal becuase of the palette issues in bullies or if it something I should get checked out.  Also, he has bright red bumps on his chin and on the sides of his face.  Not around a wrinkle or anything.  What could this be?  Thanks for your help in getting this sweet boy back to good health!

bulldog rescued loud snorting sounds;
Hi Ashley,  Thanks so much for taking in Rufus and saving him!
Yes, you are correct that he may have a palate issue and needs to see your local Vet.

Please make an appointment as soon as possible;  The red bumps on his chin may be canine acne:
Please have the Vet take a look at the chin:

We often use Colloidal Silver Salve :

Collodial Silver cream or salve -  I like Silver Shield by Nature's Sunsine...  Silver comes in a gel or some type of a cream --- try to apply this 1 x per day to itchy areas and the bumps you mentioned.  ( the bumps could be herpes virus warts that are very common)  ( no cure for the bumps- they go away in a year or so ...or are removed by the Vet)-  Not a big deal.
Silver products are sold at most Health and Vitamin stores
Just ask the clerk for help.
PLEASE remember I am not a VET - You need to get a diagnosis first.

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Best wishes to you

Marie Peppers LPN MA
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