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I have a sixteen month old English bulldog.  When she was under a year old, she had cherry eye on her left side.  She had to have surgery to stitch it down and ended up having it on both eyes just in case it happened on the other side.  Since then, her eyes have been pretty red most of the time, despite having various eye drops from the vet.  We have since moved and now go to a different vet.  

During a wellness check, she said that my dog's eyelashes are rubbing against her eyes and irritating her, and that she should laser treatment (very costly) to rectify this issue.  My dog only rubs at her eyes occasionally, usually just in the morning.  It doesn't seem to be affecting her although sometimes she does squint, but we thought maybe she was just tired.  The redness in her eyes is still there but sometimes looks great, at other times a little worse.  A different vet said the redness is just from excitement and from us pulling on her leash!  

We love our dog very much and just want the best for her.  However, we are concerned if what the vet says is true or if she is just trying to make money.  I know that sounds very cynical.  We would only consider the laser if it was absolutely necessary for our dog.  

Thank you for reading my message.

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Hi Sharon, Sorry about the delay as I did not see your Question until today.
Yes, I can help you.  The eye last situation is called Distichiasis.  Distichiasis is a condition where extra eyelashes, (from a few eyelashes to an extra row or eyelashes), grow just inside the edge of the eyelid and rub against the eyeball. These abnormal growing eyelashes may or may not cause problems until adulthood. If they starts to cause excessive tearing and or eye ulcers they may need to be removed by your Veterinarian.

I know you had two different opinions on this diagnosis .  I guess only time will tell if you need to have the lashes removed.

Please try this product for your bulldog.  It's 100% natural and can be used with ANY drops your VET has you using.  It's called Silver Shield Liquid.  Please buy an eye dropper at the store and a small brown bottle to pour some of the silver liquid into .  Use this daily in each eye for the next 3-4 months. It's a natural Anti Viral and Antibiotic -  Will help with redness and inflammation too

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