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I own an older home in Charlotte and need to find a property manager. I live in Portland,Oregon and the house is a family home (my mother Jeanette Andrew died last Spring after 48 years in the house. I grew up there) I am not wanting to sell it at this time, but need to find someone to trust to oversee the property. Do you have any suggestions? Someone suggested Curt Wheeler but when I look online, he doesn't have the greatest reviews. I am a conscientious landlord (just replaced the furnace, hot water heater and roof) and there is a current tenant in the house who is pressuring me to sell it to him. I am not ready to sell at this time.
Open to your input

My condolences Meigra. I'm sorry for your loss.

I've just phoned and emailed a woman who I understand does property management. I asked her to give me a sense of what she offers and why I might feel comfortable recommending her.
She should get right back to me, because I just saw her this morning coincidentally.

When I hear from her, if I feel she's qualified and has time to take a new project on - I'll let you know immediately.

Regarding Curt Wheeler - I send people to him frequently. Mostly they are renters looking for places to rent. Since the rental market in Burlington is so incredibly tight (one friend, a good and conscientious Landlord, refers to the rental market here as "broken") it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few people grumpy with Curt. How could it be otherwise? He has to disappoint people on a regular basis. But I'm working to find you an alternative today and I'll let you know asap when I hear from her.

My landlord friend Peter told me on Friday that in Burlington there are 9500 units registered as rentals with the city of Burlington and that .8% are vacant. He tells his tenants to go buy a home rather than signing a second year's lease with him if they can swing it.

Thanks for reaching out.  

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