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Burns/How long should Silvadene be used?


Krispy1 wrote at 2014-02-04 02:04:31
Do not, I repeat do not use any kind of Neosporin or other oil based creams on a burn!

Think about it, burnt skin, put oil on it and it equals more fuel for the fire.

I got burnt once as a kid and once, and once again really bad in early adulthood.

When I was a kid, my Doctor freaked out when he heard that the kid's parents for the house I was burnt at put a petroleum based product on my skin.  This is when an actual Doctor explained the fuel on fire theory with petroleum creams.

Next thing...

Burnt myself in a gasoline explosion pretty bad three years ago.  I've spoken with people who have been Air-Lifted for less of a burn and had Morphene administered to them whilst in flight, followed by skin graphs and healed better.

Any how, I had a Doctor friend of mine call me in Silvadene cream right away.

Here are some tips:

1. You can't use it for too long a time frame as it will have a negative effect on healing eventually.

2. There is a follow up cream to use after the time period of Silvadene runs out, but I forget what it's called & unfortunatly never used it.

3. Let the Silvadene lift the burn out of the skin to the top. Use 100's of clean Q-tips to try and roll the new Cream on, and if healthy enough... Roll the old cream off too as healing and cream effectiveness progress, when the cream has turned color it is pulling out the burn, or so to speak.  

4. I have no insurance and never saw a Doctor for this burn specifically.  

5. The guy I know who only had a carburator of fuel in a lawn mower blow up on him, was the same guy who was air lifted and also required skin graphs.  He was amazed at the results I achieved myself, practically, with no medical attention aside from the 4-5 tubs of Silvadene I used.

6. My beard and facial hair saved my face almost completely.  No visible scars.  My right arm looks lightly pigmented at shoulder level only.

The whole thing looked like 5-6 different colors at day number 1.

7. I over used the Silvadene for too long a time on my upper shoulder, oh well, hope someone learns and can clarify the follow up to it.

8. First thing I did was strip all clothing as fast as humanly possible and jumped in an ice cold shower, screaming the whole time and I was home alone when I was being a dumb A$$ and using gasoline to start a yard clean up fire, so no first aid but myself initially.

9.  I kept the burn oncovered from gauze or wrap and stayed in a comfortable, propped up position.

10. Took another shower by day 3 of burn, super light, with Baby shampoo only to clean wounds gently.  Barely touching, let soap and water do most the work.  I then showered up like this every 2 days or so.

11. Forget to think for 1 second and it can get you killed!  I came pretty close and was not thinking of my actions.  Glad the gas can in my other had didn't explode while everything else around me was!

Hope this helps anyone in pain, or burnt.  As a two time 3rd degree burn victim, I get it and I am sorry.


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