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Burns/Burned lips and mouth


Staci wrote at 2012-10-31 14:10:01
I was re-lighting our grill that had gone out. Unfortunately in a hurry to prepare a dinner that was already late I did not let the propane escape before re-lighting thus causing an explosion which ended up burning my face, but especially my lips. I now have 2nd degree blisters and swelling. Speaking to the pharmacist she recommended Bacitracin Zinc ointment. The ointment is a antibiotic first aid ointment and is keeping my lips moist. I was afraid to use other lip ointments like Carmex as it slightly burns when my lips are even slightly chapped, plus it has a menthol in it, NOT my idea of soothing a 2nd degree (blister) burn. The Bacitracin has been great!  


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Jim B


I can answer a variety of questions concerning the physical care of burns and burn patients which commonly are of interest to both patients and their families. Also I may be helpful in suggesting lifestyle modifications which will help with a more complete recovery from a serious burn. I can also accept questions regarding the physical classifications of burns and the implications regarding the size, depth, and location of burns. What I cannot answer based on my own knowledge and experience I can refer to my current and former collegues in the field including the plastic and trauma surgeons and burn recovery organizations. In many of these cases I will provide a line of communication directly to a specific expert or organization. While I can describe general treatments routines with which I am experienced,I cannot answer questions dealing with specifuc diagnosis of conditions or problems. Additionally, please understand that the area of burn treatments is an experimental one in which there is constant progress and change. Each Burn Center invests a major effort in the development of new materials, treatments, medications, and techniques. In this area of constant change and growth no one can be fully aware of all treatment courses employed.


I am a licensed Paramedic and have also worked as a wound technician in a large regional Burn Center in a Trauma Level 1 hospital. I have experience in the areas of burn evaluation and care, both long-term and immediate first aid. I have also worked as a volunteer couselor with post-burn patients dealing with issues ranging from life-style changes to re-entering the world as a serious burn survivor.

BA Economics and Biology, AA Health Care Management, EMT-P licensed in Missouri, ABLS (Advanced Burn Life Support)qulification, ACLS-EP (Advanced Cardiac Life Support-Experienced Provider), Former National Ski Patrol Winter Emergency Care Instructor and Senior Evaluator, Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic Instructor.

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