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Burns/care for 2nd degree burn??


also a Mainah wrote at 2008-09-07 13:09:12
I had a serious 2nd degree burn (5"x8") which was treated with aloe and silvadene cream. very soothing, but after 3 visits to my doctor in which she talked about debriding and skin graphs, I met a man (Mainah), that told me to "hop in salt water and soak every day for a good hour, clean the area really well with soap and water(antibacterial), and put bag balm to it. Desperation made me try,so I did that for 1 and a half weeks till my next doctors visit. My burn finally started to heal. Doctor was pleased. The skin softened up enough to allow natural healing to take place. Bag balm is an antiseptic and very inexpensive. He was right on about my care. The skin where my blisters were was just like leather. It's now softened and much improved. Because he saved me the pain of more serious treatment, I thanked him with lobsters. (Oh yeah, he had a close family member who was badly burned and he spent 4 months at Shriners Hospital in Galveston, TX, where he learned a few things. Bag balm for the softening of the skin was one of them.) I hope this can help someone else who unfortunately may go through the same thing.

beck wrote at 2009-02-15 06:55:33
My 1 1/2 year old received second degree burns to her upper body and left arm.  The hospital put silver on her and wrapped her up.  She then developed infection in the arm.  I soon found out that the best remedy for burns or any wounds is actually military honey.  Burns need to be kept moist while healing to prevent scarring etc.  You need to saturated an appropriate dressing with the honey and cover the burn.  It may sting at first but will soon sooth.  After we applied the honey my daughters infection was gone the next day.  They treat burn victims in an American military hospital with medihoney.  If you want to find out more just google healing burns with honey.

David wrote at 2009-07-07 15:55:31
For almost scar free healing on 1st and 2nd degree burns it is very important to keep them moist,  fast healing is great but in general a 1st degree will take 7-10 day and a 2nd will take 10-14 days if treated with any type of Bacitracin Zinc and keep clean and moist.  for the first 7 days keep covered and "DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITH PERFUMES"  stay away from lotions use only some sort of Bacitracin  and if you can find it "silver Sulfadiazine cream"   Do not scrub burns lightly rinse and use a Patting to remove old ointment.  Remember if you allow the skin to dry it will scab and scabbing may lead to scaring

Kris wrote at 2012-10-03 16:32:22
You should NEVER use cold water or ice on ANY burn.  It causes the skin to burn more!  Use cool or Luke warm water to wash it.  Hot water also irritates it more in the early stages of healing.  

DENISE wrote at 2013-01-16 04:27:00
Use of "EGG-WHITES" on grease burns immediately after running cold water on it.  Simply, remove the yolk from the egg(s); and use the whites by saturating a clean cloth & apply to burn area. This will remove the possibility of future scarring on the burn site.  The pain is begins to decrease within 15-20 minutes of application of the egg-whites.  Apply as often as needed in 10-20 min intervals.  This works!  


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As a burn survivor I have first hand knowledge of the physical and emotional effects of second and third degree burns. I can answer questions related to care of wounds after hospital release, emotional and physical recovery, as well as various treatments to improve the aesthetic appearance of scarring, and what it`s like to live with those scars. I can also offer insight and support to family members or friends of burn victims, who want a better understanding of the ordeal, or people who have been burned themselves, and would like to speak with someone who has had a similar experience.

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