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feeback wrote at 2006-09-18 02:39:59
The song Machinehead is about making waffles in a toaster and the monumental wait for them to cook

Hennessy wrote at 2007-01-23 21:31:31
Machinehead is about Gavin's guitar. "Got a machinehead. It's better than the rest. From green to red." It refers to the head of his guitar.

kcon420 wrote at 2012-08-23 01:47:18
It sounds like a speed addiction more to me than anything.

Lanceinyourpants888 wrote at 2016-06-21 06:47:43
Machine head is about riding a motorcycle it is a machine when you put a helmet on and makes you feel like you're a machine like a robot machine head he walks from his machine he spins on a wheel he slides to the right.from green to red. Green light go. Grab throttle. Red light stop. He also says his fingers got to feel. U have to know where your controls are on a motorcycle the clutch the throttle the front break your fingers are all feeling something. Dead giveaway there's a motorcycle  throughout the  entire video.  The rest of it is nonsense lyrics along with the quote from the poem that's my interpretation it's very obvious to me because I am a machine head and have been riding dirt bikes and motocross since I was 3 1/2 years old my fingers I've always got a feel I've always  slid to the right I've always walk from my machine except for one time when I crashed and I had to get carried off to the emergency room walking from your machine is an accomplishment every time you get off your motorcycle because they are very dangerous weather it a street bike or dirtbike quad or three wheeler. May all of you walk from your machines


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