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Business Communication/how will i avoid conflict when collaborating to diff department?


I am from Finance Department. My manager has asked me to work with another team (IT department) on a project. This assignment requires me to meet with members of their team to propose a set of recommendations for how both of our groups will operate. Itís been 2 months since this project was launched and I am frustrated about the lack of progress thatís been made. It seems that all of our meetings have been fraught with arguments, confusion and a feeling that I am back where we've started. I owe my manager a status update and im concerned that I have no results to share. How will i properly encourage this other team to participate? Please advise.

As a Monday morning quarterback I would have suggested that in the beginning both teams create a mutual accountability calendar.  As a writer I have an editorial calendar that names the projects I have, their deadlines, and who or what company they go to.

This concept can be created for an accountability calendar as well.  

But, now you are in the middle of a project and need to provide a status report.

Here are some questions I need answered before I can help you.

1)  Is there a leader or head of the other team?  If so, he or she should be able to supply a status from his side.   You both need to set down firm goals for the project and then chop them up into smaller goals that can be met and shown to your boss for a status update.

2)  If there is not a leader of the other team- I would suggest that you talk to two or three of the other members of the team and tell them they need to coordinate their efforts and you will supply a goal list.

3)  Your status update is the creation of this accountability calendar and any goals that might have been set.   You need to firmly relate to this other team that lack of progress on their side can and should be reported- that being said- you also need to report any progress you have made and ideas and recommendation your team has created and met.  

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