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AllExperts is a great concept. I have been an expert for years (Bluebirds, Birds, job tips). I have developed a very effective and unique job search program and I have been helping people on a pro bono basis all over the world for years. (I am comfortably retired after a very successful business career and I am enjoying giving some of it back.) I give seminars on this as well as being able to email the program to people out of my area. However as I am an individual I am having problems getting free publicity for my seminars like notices from business organizations are accepted by publications. My program will also lend itself to fund raising activities for charities, etc. as they can keep 100% of any charge that they make for my seminar as I donate it free. (And I don't sell books, tapes or solicit consulting business.) It is totally a labor of love. Any ideas as to how I can generate free publicity for these seminars will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Here are five ways to generate free publicity.  

1)  Write a press release highlighting the areas of your seminar that benefit your community and send it off to media outlets.  Make sure that the press release is newsworthy.  For example, introduce a new section of the seminar that would help a certain segment of the community and tell how it would help.  Don't just send a press release stating when you are having the seminar.  It has to be news to be newsworthy.

2) Create a Facebook page specifically for your business seminars and inject daily updates so that he seminars and YOU become a part of the daily dialogue in your community.

3)Make a YouTube video with a slice or two of the seminar in place and place it on your Facebook page.  This might be a good time to create a Twitter account as well.

4) Join a speakers bureau in your area - it would seem that your area of expertise would be widely enjoyed by business groups.  

5) If you don't have a website, I would highly recommend developing one- you can do this for free at  or just begin a blog and write daily or twice weekly blog postings that you can send throughout the internet.

And, finally- it is hard for me to lend advice in this area, except generically because I do not know your community.  Many communities would love to have someone of your stature write a column for their daily or weekly newspaper- or you might call radio stations and see if they would enjoy a business speaker that listeners that call into and ask questions concerning their own business concerns.  

Here is the link to my website for the Green ABC's  - you will see the content,the app, and the video on this site. The Green ABC's won three awards for innovation and entrepreneurial excellence in 2010 and 2011- with no money whatsoever.

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