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Our volunteer phone line is fully staffed and I would like to know if you have any suggestions on how best to let callers know about our free service. To understand our program please go to




Reviewed your website and it is a fascinating concept. I can see several areas that can be enhanced on your site for more traffic and shareability but will focus my answer more narrowly to driving more traffic to your site. Please note that these are general recommendations, more specific ones can be provided with more information about your user personas.

1. reach out to your local TV stations and newspaper and let them know you have a free service. They may want to feature it on the news. You are doing this now and I recommend you make this activity a priority as it is an efficient means to drive awareness.

2. Start a blog on the power of a kind voice and blog about the stories that have come about as a result of the service. You can keep the identity of the callers anonymous to respect their privacy. In the same vein, at a later stage, you may want to let others share with each other.  

3. Optimize your website so that people who are interested in the service can find you. There are a number of user interface issues that if corrected can lead to more traffic and perhaps more calls. The site is currently too copy-dense.  

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