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1. Who does G.J Niklos advertise too? Where do they advertise? What seminars, conventions does this company attend?
      a. Where do they advertise there products for sale? Who buys their  products i.e distributors…




Corian is a name registered to Dupont, but operates independent of Dupont [What can you tell me/]

What are the 10 most popular colors in the order of sale with  
approximation of relative popularity? 1 through 10 rating 1 - 4 as  
a comparison for this company…..In other words what’s the top
10 colors and what’s the top 4

3. I do not need info on the solid colors just the simulated  
stone finishes and or effect it would be their stone look laminates

4. Their marble, stone effect:

Overall I would need you to identify the color type

Hello, Fitz-

Unsure why you are asking me this. I don't do research for Ask Experts on specific companies and no one person can know a great detail about every business in the world, as answers.

If you have a cursory interest, contact the customer service reps in each company and ask directly. They will most likely be glad to help.

If they are your competition, have a friend call as a customer, to get same.  For advertising, do searches on line to see where and how they market themselves. It might also even be on their own website, or if a public company, you can request this documentation if you are, or know of, a shareholder.  

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