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QUESTION: I have a digital b2b marketing firm and I also do advisory and consultation work  in the franchising industry. I have two separate profiles should I merge them? The marketing firm created the online presence for the advisory concern...any thoughts...?

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Jerry,

I have a couple of questions before I can get any further into this.  

1)  What is the objective of the profiles- are we talking about LinkedIn profiles or profiles on a website- need clarification here.

2)  Are these businesses separated from one another.  If they are the answer will come a little clearer, but I do need more information on what you are trying to accomplish in order to answer in the best possible way.

Let me know.



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Objective clarity and consistancy across the business's. They are related in the sense that I built and own professional history is on my LinkedIn profile which features all my company' I need a separate identity for each business or project?..look forward to your thoughts .LinkedIn profile franchisefutures...jerry pollio

Hi Jerry,

I would merge the two profiles.  You have a complete profile for your franchise side, and your creative marketing business is left out hanging with no photo.

Actually, I think it would be a neat move to place CRT as a company page on LinkedIn so you can share updates, projects, and offerings.

Let me know if there is anything else I might not have addressed.


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