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Hello, About 18 months ago I started working for a friend who offered me 25% owner ship in his company if I came and worked for him. I have witness to prove he offered that. Upon my start of employment I filed out credit application for vendors. I signed them as an owner and personal guarantee. During the year, upon me asking about ownership, I was told the attorneys are working on the papers. Also the percentage dropped, 20%, 15% 5% then 5% after one year. After that I left employment with him owing me 8 weeks of payroll,  and my last expense report. Since then I have been in court twice for monies he owes vendors from the time I was still employed. He received the funds from the vendors equipment but never paid them. I was told that in Illinois the creditor must first undertake to collect the debt from the debtor, including litigation, before the guarantor becomes liable for the obligation. If the creditor fails to follow the proper procedure, the guarantor has no liability of the debt. Is that true and where can I find that in Illinois law?
thank you.

Thank you for your inquiry. With regards to the personal guarantees, if you signed them as an officer of the company then the likelihood is that they remain valid. No doubt collection efforts have been attempted on your friend as well, to no avail. You should address these by investigating the contracts that you signed to verify your PG and also check your Credit Report to see if they are being reported to you. If so, then you should deal with them appropriately. As for the Laws that apply in Illinois, I can only suggest you contact the Illinois Attorney Generals office or website. There are Federal Laws pertaining to debt collections, but most apply to individuals and not businesses. If you are represented by legal counsel they should be able to guide you out of this unfortunate circumstance. Hoping the new year brings you good fortune.


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