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Business Debt/OIC, release of personal guarantee but LLC still liable for debt


Hi Jason:
I did an SBA OIC 3 years ago and paid it in full 2 years ago. My personal guarantee was released. The LLC is/was a sole member LLC. I was told by that I would need to declare the forgiven amount as income on my personal taxes since the sole member LLC passes through to my personal tax. I declared the forgiven amount but never received my 1099C as the bank and SBA said I would. I recently called the SBA to ask where it was and they said the debt has actually been referred to the US Treasury for collection....from the LLC that no longer operates and was dissolved.

I told them the LLC has no assets and has not operated in 4 years. They said I will still get calls for it since the LLC is still liable for the debt. They agree I am not personally liable but I still get called for the forgiven amount.

Two questions:
1. How long will they keep calling before they finally issue a 1099C?
2. I already declared this cancelled amount as income 2 years ago. What happens when they finally do issue a 1099C years later? How do I explain that to the IRS?

Hi Drew,

I have never heard of anyone declaring income on a settlement before receiving a 1099, so I can't address that part.  Some banks are so unorganized they never send a 1099 so its hard to predict when (or if) they will send one.  I would say you should ask a CPA about what to do if a 1099 is sent in the future.

If the LLC is closed and there are no assets, you have no reason to respond or bother dealing with the Treasury or collection company.  As long as you are not personally liable that's the only thing that matters.  

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