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My company worked with a non profit supplier from 2005 - Dec 2008. Date of their last invoice to my company. We could not afford to pay the last several invoices as we were caught big time in the 2008 crash losing 70% of our sales. Residency of the Non profit is California, residence of my C corporation is Hawaii. A debt collection agency has just got in touch to collect the debt.   As it is over 4 years and we had a written contract can I take the position that it is beyond the statute of limitations or does the out of state location of my company somehow negate this? When it became apparent that we were in financial trouble in 2009 the nonprofit CEO said it was OK if we could not afford to pay off the debt to them so I am surprised at this attempt to collect.

Thanks for your inquiry. The statute of limitations in CA is four years for written, 2 for verbal. In HI it is 6 for each listed below. Please understand that debts that have passed the statute of limitation are known as time-barred debts. Because you assume the debts have aged past the statute of limitation in your state doesn't mean you no longer owe. It just means the creditor can't pursue getting a judgment against you.
This is true for the 4 different types of debt including;

•Oral Agreements - just as they sound, made by oral contract. Nothing was in writing.
•Written Contracts something was signed by you and the creditor.
•Promissory Note is a written agreement to pay back a debt in certain payments, at a certain interest rate, and by a certain date and time.
•An Open-Ended Account is an account with a revolving balance that you can repay and borrow. Credit cards are open-ended accounts.

Unless you can absolutely know the last date you made a payment to the creditor, know that making another payment of even $1 will renew that statute for another term...You have waited a long time to address this, perhaps something can be worked out in a more amicable fashion in the future. An alternative is to offer a smaller settlement to close out the account and stop further collection actions. Hope this is helpful.

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