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I loaned a substantial amount of money to a personal friend for his business/ Even though I got a note from the business for the loan, I did not get any personal guarantees from the owner(s) because  I did not think it was necessary because of my relationship with the owner(s). If I had know that I would run into problems I would have gotten personal guarantees or I would have loaned the money directly to the friend instead of to the corporation. The business was closed and even though it has not filed bankruptcy there does not appear to be any assets of the business. When the owners  closed the business they created another corporation, but it does not appear that the new corporation received any of the asserts of the closed business. Is there anything I may be able to do to get this debt paid. I had no idea that the business was going to close without paying this debt. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Without a personal guarantee you may want to consider researching to see if this person has any assets and if they do, filing through small claims or civil court, depending on the amount of money owed.  The type of business will help determine if there might be any funds to repay - for example, was it a sole proprietorship or an LLC or Incorporated?  

My advice would be to gather any documents that you have in relation to the debt, including any emails, search for assets and based upon your findings, proceed through the court system.

Good luck.

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