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Ms. Oliver,

If a company has one corparate name with three separate divisions within that company, what would be the proper arrangement for the company letterhead?  Would the first line be the division name followed by "a division of company XXX" or should the company name be listed first followed by the appropriate division?

Dear Chris,

Thank you for writing with your superb question. From a clarity standpoint, I would cite the name of the division first, followed by a division of company XX. But there may be a way to deliver the information even more succinctly. For example, if the company name was "Able Shipping," and the division name was "Armstrong," you might have on your letterhead: "Armstrong, an Able Shipping company." It would also work to have "Armstrong, a division of Able Shipping." Whichever approach you choose, of course, would become the standard for letterhead at the other two divisions of the company. Thanks again so very much for your question.


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