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I work with someone who is very nice, but extremely chatty. Chatty to the point I question the sincerity of their niceness. My questions are these:

1- This person has been known to accidentally reveal sensitive information via being chatty. I am not the supervisor, but at times it could be damaging to the company. Should I say nothing when sensitive information is revealed. If I say something, what should it be? Who should I say it too?

2 - I am quiet, reserved, but friendly, I often feel outshined by my chatty co-worker. Conversation never stops when this person is around, and this person does most of the talking. Most topics are not work related. I feel I am at a disadvantage by not being talkative. How can I be effective networker when the other person is sucking the air out the room? (I am a little jealous of how much this person is well liked.)

Dear Mouse,
Thanks for asking these good questions.
1- If you feel the 'chatty one' is saying damaging remarks, share your opinion with her privately. If she gets it, she'll thank you. If she doesn't get it, go to your supervisor.
2- No reason to be jealous. We are all wired differently. Networking is not a competition. One good contact made is better than 100 no contacts made. Don't compare yourself to her or anyone else. Do your best, keep improving your skills, and be true to yourself. If you need skills lessons, call an expert.

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