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My boss wants me to order business cards for myself.  My "title" is General Affairs Administrative Assistant.  How to I abbreviate that without it looking silly or is there etiquette to how it should appear on the card?

Hello, Sarah, and thank you for writing to me. You have a terrific title and if it all fits on one line on the business card, that would be my preference. Ask your boss for a copy of his or her business card and then be sure to model yours on it exactly, choosing the same style of type font, and paying particular attention to where your name and title should fall.

If your title will not fit on one line, then I would consider splitting it between two lines, that is, General Affairs on one line and Administrative Assistant on the line under that. There is no need to abbreviate your title, it's just a question of layout.

By the way, the fact that your boss wants you to order cards for yourself is sign of confidence in you.

Lastly, if you are the person who is ordering business cards for the whole department, try to locate some business cards that were generated in the past at your firm and look at them for style considerations. Today there are many different acceptable spots for the name, title, and other information, but you still want the business cards to be representative of your firm's overall brand.


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