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Dear Amanda,

I have emailed a lecturer about the possibility of assisting her as a research assistant about 3 months ago. She replied explaining that she is 'currently working hard on some research but could well need an assistant once that is finished' and also asked for my CV and marks which I sent to her promptly. She then replied that they were 'great' and that she would 'be in contact in due course' once she knows more about her future research.

Last month I emailed her politely asking about the status of her current research and her short term plans (if any) regarding the previously discussed arrangement of me being her assistant. She didn't reply this email, and she didn't reply the follow up email that I sent regarding this email either about a week or so later.

Could you please help? I'm keen to be her assistant but I don't want to seem annoying or desperate. Perhaps she is busy still with her current research, but I just want to know that she hasn't changed her mind about hiring me as an assistant. What should I do from here?

Thank you so much!

Dear Sam,
  You have done all that you can do at this point. If she is not responding it could
be that she is feeling pressure to finish up her current project and cannot take the time
to consider her next move yet.

  I know that you want to work with her,but it sounds as if the contact might be too
stressful for her at this particular moment.

  I am sure that she has saved your information and will be in touch if she does need
an assistant. Remember,she was not 100% sure that she did need a research assistant yet
and was candid about that.

  Maybe you should continue to seek other opportunities while you wait.

         Good luck.
         Amanda Gamble  

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