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Hello, Cynthia,

I've been out of work for 5,6 months now, and am currently in the 2nd round interview of a company I really love. However, this company is taking a long time in its recruiting process. In the meantime, another company that I don't like is giving me an offer.

Should I take the latter company's offer, and then jump to the Company A I love if the offer comes? I feel like this will hurt my integrity but I do need income right now. I guess I can sustain myself with part-time job income until that Company A decides to notify me of their decision but the latter company's offer is not that bad and pays much more than a part-time job.

I would love some advice, thank you

Dear Larry:

First of all, congratulations on your search and that it has produced options.  So many people I speak with haven't had that success yet.  My advice to you is both pragmatic and practical.  Take the offer you have in hand, even if you think the better offer may come through.  You need to work.  The better offer may never come through and then you have relinquished a sure thing that would have served your immediate purposes.  Also, you might be surprised when you get to the job already offered that you like it enough to stick with it and make it something that will mean something more to you.

If after you are on the new job and the "better" offer comes along, you will have a stronger negotiation position since you are already employed.  It is common practice in this workplace for employees to consider other offers.  A frank discussion with your boss about your personal and professional goals when the time comes will negate any question of your integrity.  Just offer to stay until they find a replacement or you can train your replacement so the employer isn't left high and dry.  The blow to your integrity hits when you just leave and thus leave your employer in the position of not having anyone to do the job.

Best of luck whatever you choose.

I hope this helps.

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