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QUESTION: Dear Ms. Taylor,
I have a good job in the area of my bachelor's degree studies, but I added on a certificate in paralegal studies some three years ago which I am doing nothing with. In general, do you have any thoughts on what I might be able to do to gain some experience, and put my certificate to use? Thank you.

What has been holding you back from pursuing career opportunities in paralegal?  Do you desire to work as a paralegal moving forward?  What is your current work status?  Are you full-time employed, part-time employed? There a couple of questions that need to be considered as the question is significant in scope.

However, in most cases it requires the person looking to make change to actually change the course of their direction by generating a game plan that leads toward a new opportunity.  

Networking and information gathering are useful kick starts in determining how to leverage a certificate of study while including immediate background abilities.

Trade associations related to paralegal careers typically have local events that may be a good place to begin.  Legal trades and events may also prove useful. This would allow you the ability to exchange ideas with others and to develop a sense of direction as you proceed.

Your network and outreach in communicating your intended career path are helpful in gaining ground if you determine to move into a new career path.

Denise Anne Taylor

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QUESTION: Dear Ms. Taylor,

This would be strictly volunteer work ma'am, as I am currently employed full time.

I suspect, though, that all of the above still applies. My greatest difficulty is likely having just afew hours per month to offer my services to any non profit organization. Perhaps you have some advice regarding that? Thank you.


The trade association on behalf of the paralegal industry may be the best place to outreach in your local area.  They would have the contacts to guide you accordingly or could direct you to someone that would put you in touch with organizations in need of your support.  Good luck!  Denise Anne

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