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QUESTION: Dear Constance

I have been out of work since January and have been trying to look for a job.  I handed my resume at a restaurant and she said later in an email, I first must register with CSE and then we can hire you.  She told me in the email that the job would be both afternoon and evenings.

The job developer at CSE informed her that employers cannot refer clients to CSE in hopes of utilizing our Limited Training Incentive Funds.  If she would like to hire you, she is more than welcome to, but we cannot provide her funds for doing so.  Our provincial mandate doesn't allow us to operate in that matter.

In the most recent email from the job developer, he said he has spoken with the owner of the restaurant.  He has reaffirmed how our programming works ie. employer referrals for the purposes of accessing funds.  She understood and seemed to be interested regardless.  The job developer said I would encourage you to follow up with her to express your interest again.

What should I say in this email to express my interest of this restaurant job?

I don't know if I should say I am available to start whenever you need me to start or do I have to go through an interview first.  She knows my sister and has met me only once in April when I handed her my job resume.  This is the only job that looks promising and I should jump at it but I do not know how to word this email to her.  It is for a dishwasher position.

Thank you! for your help.

Thank you for your questions.  Simply share your desire to proceed in the hiring process.  Reference the connection she and your sister have.
If you wish to send me something to review I am happy to do so.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Constance.

I have already submitted my resume to her last April.  Even though my resume shows I was looking for a clerk position, I am willing to try new things.  
Maybe a sample email inquiry template may be like this.

Dear Ms. Wilson

I just wanted to express my sincere interest in the dishwasher position at your Whitewood restaurant.  My willingness to try new things and being an effective team player would make me a great fit for the job.
You know of my sister Kerry as you are a client of hers and she has been a customer of yours at your restaurant over the years.

Thank you Julie for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Is this sample email inquiry well worded to show my interest of working at her restaurant as a kitchen helper/dishwasher?
I do not know Constance what you would add to this email or remove from it.

Maybe I should mention I enjoy cleaning.  The resume has not been updated since last January, where it showed I left my previous job, but did not show I was presently working.   I currently only have a cleaning position with Kerry at her business but it is only one day of the week, or maybe I could say 10 hours of cleaning a week and desire more work.

My resume said I was seeking a part time or full time clerk position.  Maybe I could mention there has been nothing available as a sales clerk at the moment, but I am willing to try other things or to keep my options open such as being a kitchen helper/dishwasher.  Maybe I could mention I have a history of staying a long time at a job for many years as my resume shows.

If I do not hear from her in one week, maybe you feel I should go in and make another appearance at the restaurant, or make a phone call instead of sending another email.

Thank you Constance.

Here are some thoughts:

I am expressing my sincere interest in the current open position as dishwasher for your Whitewood restaurant. I am a effective team player with a strong desire to learn quickly and be immediately effective to your operation.  I have great time management skills and an eye for detail.

My interest in the position came about though my sister.  It is my understanding that my sister, Kerry (LAST NAME) has become acquanted with you over the years as a frequent guest of the restaurant.  She speaks highly of the restaurant and I would enjoy being a part of a "winner".

Thank you, Ms. Wilson, for your time and consideration in reviewing my resume and skills.  I look forward to hearing from you.

** update your resume to reflect your previous position. Mail or drop off your new resume and cover letter.  No phone call till after delivered or emailed.

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