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QUESTION: Good day, i was given this site by a friend, who told me it would be very helpful to me in my quest and in solving my challenges and i have gone through the site and it looks very promising. i have been facing challenges in my area of enterprise, which is the oil and gas sector. I work as an agent and facilitator for some private oil companies who have contracts and authority from the Government to sell Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), D2, and Light Crude Oil to other foreign private oil firms, aside the big time buyers, like Chevron-Texaco, total-elf, shell, Agip e.t.c. My payment depends on commission on what is bought but my challenge is that i have not being able to get any real buyers, all the ones that come my way are either fraudsters or unserious and i end up wasting my time and loosing my money.Please i need your advice and assistance on how to get in touch with small business firms and organizations, who purchase these products because i know they are out there. I have tried B2B sites (Business to Business) but it's all a lot of scams out there. I am just confused,Someone said i need to involve myself in business network marketing in this area, but how do i do that? How do i get the right place to step into where these people are? i love being an entrepreneur and i have a passion for this industry, but i am getting frustrated, with my loses and inability. Please i need your help and advice. Thanks"

ANSWER: Hi Christopher,

What you are experiencing is not unusual. It takes time and persistence to develop your own reputation and develop real relationships with real buyers of your products and services.

Getting involved in business network marketing is not only a good idea, it is essential to your success. Business networking is used to develop relationships. Relationships are what make business work and get deals done.

I recommend starting by using a business social networking site, Linkedin. Linkedin connects tens of millions of business professionals from around the world. On linkedin you can connect with business professionals and join groups specifically related to your industry. Join the conversation within these groups. Listen to what people are saying, share your expertise.

Use Linkedin to connect with someone from the companies you represent as well and provide a way for people on linkedin to verify who you are and what you do. You are working in a country and in a city that has the highest rate of Internet fraud in the world. People online will be very skeptical of who you are and what you do until you can prove you are legitimate.

There is no magic formula or easy road to success. Success only comes from hard work and persistence. Never give up.

Hope this helps you.

Best of luck.


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QUESTION: Thanks Jim for your wonderful advice, it was really on point. This is really true of my situation.My location has really been a big set back for me in reaching out to clients and people, as so many people judge you before even getting to know you. I was really shocked when you gave a precise answer and it clearly showed you answered with all you heart. I am really grateful. Please, do you have any other business networking site in mind that i can use? I checked it out and you have to pay to actually meet the real people.I would be happy if you could give me a few others that are free.
I am a very interested in getting started well in this sector, besides i am also an enterprising fellow and a good negotiator. I know how to close a deal and bring business to a favourable conclusion with all parties smiling.

Hi Christopher,

Sorry, I a don't know of any other networking sites. Linkedin is free for basic use and is by far the largest and most powerful online networking platform for business people in the world. Linkedin has many groups that focus on oil and gas.

Good Luck,


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