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I want to organize a networking event where participants will be able showcase their services through verbal communication and presentations. The function is free to the grassroot community because they are our target.

How well can I make this function beneficial to both the participants and their prospect customers?

Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Anita,

Please accept my apology for not answering your question - I do not get very many questions and hadn't logged in for a long time. I noticed your question was marked pending since May 2013. Unfortunately, at that time I was seriously ill in hospital and didn't notice it when it came in.

I expect that after 9 months, your question may no longer be relevant.

If I can help in any other way, please let me know.

Again, sincerest apologies,

Paraic Bergin

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It is still relevant. Sorry for that illness. Thanx

Hi Anita,

I must apologise again - I didn't realise your question was still in process.

Networking events tend to have a different focus from showcases - networkers are intent on building up their contacts and finding potential referral partners, with a lesser possibility of directly sourcing business.

In a showcase, the prime benefit for the presenter is exposure to an audience and an opportunity to talk and answer questions about their business. For the audience, the primary benefit is education and the opportunity to ask and get answers to specific questions.

Mainly, I'd say keep the event light - allow max 15 mins per presenter, to avoid any one person dominating the event and to minimise the chances of the audiences becoming bored.

Encourage audience participation.

Get feedback from presenters and audience on what works/doesn't work and keep improving

I hope that's helpful  

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