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I am looking for an open source ERP for my small business which is basically a trading business based in South Asia so need a global compatible solution. Need an economical solution that caters to most basic needs. Not looking for something very advance or complex to use or implement. I heard about WebErp which is cheap and others like Compiere and OpenBravo which are a bit expensive. The most immediate need is for good accounting and inventory control so limited accounting solution might also work.

Hi Umair,

WebERP is billed as an easy to use/understand system, which means you can get started quickly, but if you want added advanced capabilities, you will have to develop them yourself.  The upside with this system is that you can do the development in PHP and I believe it also uses MySQL controls.

Another option that you may want to investigate is - this product has a slightly better user interface and is still easy to learn.

There are quite a few systems out there, and ultimately you need to be comfortable with your choice.  Keep in mind that you will be making a considerable time investment in any system, and you want one that closely matches your goals before you start.

Please note that both of the systems above run like a database, not an application.  If you are familiar with database systems, then this will not be a big concern.  If you are not experienced with database systems, you may want to pay a little more up front to get long term benefits.

If you are concerned about hosting costs, check out  They have cloud and dedicated server services for ridiculously low prices.


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