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I prematurely launched my websight and in additional to doing the entire deign myself I don't have any feedback-ill pick another expert for that I guess-

I'm going to be creating small "guides" sending my written e course materials out to ones that register- what online Microsoft programs  can I use that will word best for this inention-and to protect my word from editing=view only?

MS online is free that's why I mention that, but im willing to hear of anything for these purposes I can use for my mini guides-newslettwr content-e course content ect

I downloaded a Doc-to-PDF app in MS store but I checked and clicked edit and  basically said if I pay I can edit pdfs

Please help me so I can even out to a weekly site management.

And if you know of any resources- that just kin people would be willing to give feedback on appearance-design website-

resources=websites to help phrase certain things based on the approach ect

Im sorry to be so wordy-I've been planning this since 05-im an author myself- but I think its reasonalable to wan-get other options

My hard drive is dyin-im running m pc off an external-im exhausted!!! hellllp

blessings to you

You need a full featured program that works with PDFs. Either the full Adobe Acrobat, Nuance's PDF Creator, or Bluebeam (among others). You can create locked PDFs that can prevent conversion to DOC, editing, copy and paste etc.

There are several programs that will convert an unsecured PDF to an editable document, but you can lock down your PDFs with the right software. This is one of the advantages of using the PDF format, that it can be locked up to prevent copying.

Hope this helps,

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