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QUESTION: Ok I was given a small Acer to use while traveling for work. Free is ok, right? Well it has windows 7, which I'm now used to. I'm not familiar with all the newer ones. Others in my family all have 7 & they say don't change it as it's the easiest to use( they know I'm a beginner user). However, there are some sites I can't access because messages direct me to upgrading. Monster even wants an upgrade to 11. So what do you think would be the  best thing to do for a beginner?

ANSWER: First the latest version of Windows is 8.1. Windows 10 will be released sometime later this year. So if Monster (I'm assuming you mean the Jobs site) is suggesting an upgrade to 11 they are talking about Internet Explorer 11, not Windows.

If you are on a version of IE earlier than 11 I would upgrade. But I would also suggest that you go to and download the Chrome browser (its free). Personally I prefer Chrome to IE for most things.

As for Windows version, if your PC doesn't have a touch screen there is no real need to upgrade beyond 7. At least not until Windows 10 has been out for at least 6 months. Windows 10 represents a shift in the way Microsoft will be updating Windows, so once the kinks are ironed out, I would recommend upgrading. I've been testing win 10 for a few months now and it works well.

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QUESTION: Yes that helped thanks Scott for your reply. I hope you're not to busy for me to ask another question. I've tried Chrome but didn't like it, too many popups and the bar really limits my page view on this small Acer. I now use bing for searching as a teacher told me they don't track all your searches like Google. The person who gave me the Acer set it up on Windows 7 as he prefers that when he fixes any virus that happens to occur. Ok so then is there any other way to access sites like Monster jobs that tell us to upgrade without changing? I guess I couldn't have both IE & 7, right?

No, You are mixing apples and oranges. IE is a WEB browser, Chrome is a WEB browser, Firefox is a browser. There are others but those are main ones. IE is the browser that is builtin to Windows. Windows is an operating system, an OS is what allows all your software (including browsers) to communicate with your computer's CPU.

If a site says that it requires a certain browser or browser version then you need to upgrade to use that site.


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