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Mr. Scottgem

I own a laptop HP and an epson printer ecotank ET-4500. I am managing a small drying food business.
I will be printing my own label with barcode included . As for example (the following webpage) of the type of label i would be making :

the only difference is i would also have a barcode on my label.
That example is NOT my product but just an example of what kind of label i would like to be printing.
I have:
-laptop HP
-epson ecotank ET-4500

I need a software that could help me print my labels with barcode included. I am looking for something reliable, simple efficient and not to expensive
What software should i be looking for?

Thank you very much

Check out Avery ( for a free label printing program. Avery is the premier label manufacturer and it is likely that you are purchasing an Avery standard label for printing. But I believe it can handle custom sizes as well.

As for the barcode, it depends on what type of barcode you are printing. If its a standard 3 of 9 or Code 128, you can find a font for it to download.

However, if you want to do more than just print labels and want to do something to track your production, you might consider using Access (part of the Office Suite). Its a database development platform with a label feature.

One last point, I don't know what your volume will be. but if its a high volume, the Epson printer might not be up to the task. You might consider a commercial label printer. Check for such printers.

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