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hello there - i am applying for a job with Motorola. In the letter of application what can i say about what i have to offer to the employer? what do i write about me skills and experience? I have used programming languages in the past to create programs.

i have just recently graduated from university. Motorola have his vacancy: IT analyst.

please help what to mention in my letter, as i am really confused.

thank you.


Well, sir, for starters, you should make sure that spells your name right. It came to me as 'Criag.'

For another, I recommend that you get in the habit of editing your e-mails before you send them. Eliminate typographical errors ("me skills"), avoid being redundant ("I have used programming languages in the past to create programs" - what else would such a language be used for, Craig??), and make sure your grammar doesn't clink ("Motorola have"). You should also say "I," not "i." The latter form is an indication of laziness to most of us.

Now, obviously, Craig, I know nothing about you, so I am clueless as to what you should tell Motorola. Since you're an IT guy, though, you know how to use the internet. Therefore, 'google' this phrase: "functional resume". For new college graduates and also those changing careers, the functional format trumps the traditional layout based on chronology and jobs held. Few new college grads have relevant job experience, so putting those on a resume is a waste of valuable 'resume real estate.'

After you get what you think is a very good functional resume, you are welcome to send it to me for me feedback. My e-mail address is:

I hope this is helpful. Please do me the favor of completing the 'rate-the-expert' e-mail you'll receive on the heels of this reply. Your ratings and, especially, your written comments help me do a better job of helping folks like you.

Take care, and good luck with job-hunting. I look forward to seeing your resume. . .but make sure it is high-quality just like what you'd want to send to a prospective employer; in other words, don't send me a draft - send me a polished document in which you have invested hours of your time. BTW, it usually takes at least ten hours to get a good version. This is a tough market for new grads.


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