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Hello Dan

I occasionally see (but not much any more) square brackets that stand alone in text, such as [ ] this.  I know that square brackets with text can be a "filler" for more clarity, but what do the stand-alone brackets mean?

Also, I have seen empty square brackets at the beginning of a sentence; and I have seen brackets enclosed the first letter of a sentence.  [H]ere is an example.

What does it all mean?  (I can't find any info from internet searches).



Hi Peter,

I don't know what the standalone brackets [] might mean in a sentence, but when they have content such brackets function more or less the same as parentheses. In the example you give, I suspect that "here" was all lower case and in the middle of a sentence originally. I suspect the content-free brackets are simply mistakes. Certainly if they're content free they don't have meaning at all.

Hope this helps.

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