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Could you please proofread these sentences(in terms of grammar and choices of vocabulary) for me? Thank you so much.

1) When we arrived in the USA, we went to historical places.

2) I am going to migrate to Germany because I want to make a better future.

3) Last summer, we went to London. We took round trip tickets to there.

4) I am going to travel to Europe one month later.

5) The Khazar sea is located in Iran.

Thank you


2. OK

3. Last summer we went to London using round trip tickets there and back.

4. OK

5. OK

Note that 3 is not incorrect in terms of grammar, it's just not a very graceful construction.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much. I just talked with a friend. He says that the use of "historical" in 1) is wrong and should be replaced with "historic."

Do you agree?
thank you

There is a small difference in the meanings of the two words, but it is small enough that I did not feel the sentence to be incorrect. I didn't even really notice "historical" in the sentence. I suppose "historic" would be slightly preferred, but I doubt most native speakers would notice that as an issue.

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