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What do you think about freezing ham salad?  A friend did it and I'm not sure whether he used mayo or Miracle Whip.  He might have used Miracle Whip.  Anyway, it seemed ok. I ate some on two different occasions and it tasted fine.  It wasn't overloaded with dressing though.  It was mostly ground ham and he had ground cotta salami in with it and little bits of cheddar cheese too.

Thanks so much.  I'd like to make it and freeze it like he did but I don't want to go to all of that trouble and expense only to have it be yucky!  Thanks!

Mayo doesn't typically freeze well, but the less of it there is, the less you'll notice any quality issues. If you make a ham salad with light mayo you may not notice a difference between the flavor of the thawed version and the original, but you may notice that the dressing looks a bit curdled and not very nice. When I freeze stuff with tricky ingredients like mayo I usually just leave out the tricky ingredient and then add it after thawing. Unless the dressing is elaborate and has a lot of ingredients you might want to try doing it that way ... It's a simple matter to just mix in the mayo before serving, and then you can be guaranteed that you'll like the finished product. Hope that helps!

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