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QUESTION: I can buy a new home in a cooperative for  $130,000.Monthly fee would be $1,792.00.Would this be a wise investment?Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi Randy,
Thank you for your question.

It is a little difficult for me to advise you on values in Texas.  I work in New York.

But, as a rule of thumb, you should compare the monthly cost of your purchase to the amount the property would cost you to rent.  Then you should also take into consideration the income tax return deductability of your monthly purchase costs (taxes and interest).  And thirdly there is the value of pride of ownership and the potential increasing in value of the property over time.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: I failed to inform you that I will pay the $130,000 in cash.The monthly fee is for taxes,tv cable,garbage,snow removal,lawn mowing etc..Sound like a good deal?Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi Randy,

ON the surface it sounds high, but what are the amenities?
Pool, gym, golf, parking, central air, # bedrooms, can it be rented out and for how much?


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QUESTION: No pool,no gym,no golf,does have heated underground parking,cost of c/a I pay additional,3 bedrooms.What do you think,good deal or not?Thanks!

Hi Randy,

Thank you for your questions.

Again on the surface it sounds high, but I do not know the surroundings.

Are neighboring complexes similar in cost?

You should ask a local Realtor for help in making this decision.  If you are buying from a builder and brand new there may be no track record.  

If you wish I can refer you to a Realtor in your town.


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