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I am a beneficiary in a life estate after it reaches term, Q can I sell my share before, are there people who buy?

Hi Gary,
Sorry for the delay in answering your question.  We had a death in the family.

I believe it is possible to sell your interest in a life estate, depending on whether or not allowed by the legal instrument establishing the life estate; and whether or not there are other beneficiaries.

I'm sure there might be people who buy such instruments, but I would think that what they might pay you would be at a very steep discount.

Yours is a legal question, and by law I cannot give legal advice. Your best option for getting accurate, legal information/answers would be to contact an attorney for legal advice and let him/her review your life estate instrument.  I believe there are attorneys registered on the All Experts' site.

Sorry I could not give you a specific answer to your question.

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