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Buying or Selling a Home/multi-family property in neighboring state


Our LLC is chartered in the state of Kansas. One of the multi-family properties we are strongly considering is on the Missouri side. We have been advised to place that property under its own LLC, for liability protection.
If we take acquisition, should we file the LLC Charter for that property under Missouri Charter or under Kansas Charter?
Our current LLC would be the holding company.
Thank you for your time.


John Gallion

For investors choosing to use the dual entity strategy we generally advise establishing the LLC of the operating company in the state it operates and establishing a Nevada LLC that has elected corporate taxation for the holding company and make this Nevada LLC a completely private entity by hiring a nominee, you then place all your assets into the Nevada LLC. The Nevada LLC then leases to your operating company LLC. One of the main reasons we advise forming a Nevada LLC is Nevada has zero business taxes, zero franchise taxes and zero personal income taxes. All of this of course depends on the investors investment, legal and tax strategy. If you're expanding or planning to expand your portfolio, make sure your investment, legal and tax strategy are all consistent. At a minimum a consultation with an experienced real estate professional, CPA and board certified real estate attorney is advised. You may also want to consider a comprehensive investment feasibility analysis completed by an experienced real estate professional.

Buying or Selling a Home

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