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i am planning to buy a flat in virar, cld global
city.. it is big complex by rustomjee builders.
i came  across a add in quiker, where a person who has
already booked this place wants to sell it now.
the project is still in construction n will be
ready in possible 2014 december. he is giving us
at a disc rate as per market price. he has paid
the buidler 20% on booking, so we need to pay him
back that 20% as per todays market rate and the
balnce amount as per the booking rate the builder
has given. just wondering if this would work
safe. if we agree on the deal what would be the
procedure i would need to follow.

Dear Fermina;
I do not know how real estate works in other parts of the world but can tell you in America this was a practice that was popular in the late 80's and early 90's before developers got wise to it and stopped it from happening.  If you want to do this then you should consult an attorney to draw up legal documents and make sure that it is okay with the developer.  Basically you are replacing someone else who is holding a property and it should have builder's approval before any money is exchanged.

I wish you all the best with this.

Jessica Bryan

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