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One of my grandsons recently purchased his first home and paid for a home inspection.  He and his new bride have been in the house for two weeks and the plumbing has completely failed.  where can we go for help in this instance?  They have rented a backhoe and must replace all the pipes. They are young, poor  and inexperienced and have no idea how to proceed.  I am trying to give them a helping hand.

Hi Alice, I'm not sure how the plumbing has completely failed without warning in such a short period of time. Are they polybutylene pipes? There is a type of piping that was used years ago that is a plastic product that has a tendency to fail at the connections and typically that will leak after a time and homeowners usually will replace them. I would need additional information to determine what has happened.

With this information what I can tell you is that the home inspection covers the day that the home was inspected. It does not include any warranties or guarantees as far as future performance of the items inspected. If the plumbing was working during the home inspection, the inspector would note that. If there was a problem under ground or in the walls, the inspector would have no knowledge of that because they can't see those areas.

Did they get a home warranty? A home warranty may cover the repair/replacement of the pipes but you would have to read the booklet to find out what is covered.

I don't know of any other recourse for them because now they own the home so they are responsible for whatever needs to be repaired or replaced in the home. If the plumbing issue was a latent defect, meaning the sellers knew there was a problem and did not disclose it, they could sue the sellers for the repair but the burden of proof would be on them as the buyers. They would need to prove that the sellers knew there was a problem and did not disclose it.

I hope this helps, please write back if you have additional information that may be helpful!

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